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  1. I'm affected by this, too. Using...

    I'm affected by this, too.

    Using asus-wmi-sensors-dkms-git at least makes it possible to have a peek at the fan speeds and temperatures under linux, but if you poll too often (i.e. in ksysguard)...
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    This issue affects me as well, the only...

    This issue affects me as well, the only workaround I came up with, is setting the CPU temperature limit to 74C.

    This prevents the fan from spinning up to frequently, but on certain workloads like...
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    Sticky: Hello rog forum

    Hello forum,

    I just created an account here because a ASUS X470 Prime mainboard last year.

    To be honest, it's not a bad mainboard, it probably works as good or as bad as any other x470...
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