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    It worked

    It worked! Thank you so much buddy
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    Same issue

    I have the same model & the same issue. The ASUS technician told that, because the power button is integrated into the keyboard, we have this issue.

    I manage to turn the laptop on after around...
  3. Generation 1

    It is actually USB 3.1 generation 1 (which doesn't support driving external displays using the USB port). It is the Generation 2 USB 3.1 type-c that can display on additional screens.

    This laptop...
  4. Thread: Linux ROG

    by punit_arya

    Ubuntu 16.04

    I have the exact model of the laptop & I've got Ubuntu 16.04 working flawlessly on it (except for the Fn+F5/F6 brightness keys). The kernel version 4.3+ have basically fixed the Skylake issues...
  5. Check Windows Hybrid Sleep

    There's a Windows setting in Power Management that goes something like hybrid sleep... Check Google to disable it. After I did this, the battery drain issue got resolved. Got the battery replaced...
  6. USB 3.1 without Thunderbolt

    The USB 3.1 on GL552VW model doesn't have Thunderbolt. This is coming straight from the product specification. The Skylake processors do support Thunderbolt but it doesn't work that way. These...
  7. WIndows HIbernated ?

    I too have the same issue of battery dropping down by around 10% within 18 hours of Windows being shut down the usual way of clicking Shut Down in the Windows menu. I have guessed it to be due to...
  8. Same story

    I've the same model (GL55VW-CN430T) purchased in India & I too am disappointed. I guess, this is where they cut corners to bring down the cost, what with the SSD, 7200 PM HDD, & i7, we got with the...
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