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  1. (Repost) [Bug] Bios 1701 Disabled Macintosh OS X Partition and USB Installer

    Due to a particular "Super Moderator" that thinks an Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard is a G750JX laptop, and thus closed my thread, I am reposting below:
    I have updated my BIOS...
  2. Hi, There is something for Asus to fix. They...

    There is something for Asus to fix. They have removed a feature that is actually quite useful, and given there's a wide variety of builds out there, there might be more issues waiting to be...
  3. [Bug] Can No Longer Boot From Macintosh OSX Partition or Installer - Bios 1701

    I have updated my BIOS from version 1601 to 1701. Upon doing so, my Macintosh partition was no longer recognised, as well as my EFI partition with the Clover bootloader. The partitions are...
  4. Replies

    Disable Secure Boot

    I was wondering how I disable Secure Boot in the BIOS? I know there is a section under the Boot tab for it to switch between "Windows" and "Other OS", but after selecting "Other OS" and...
  5. May or may not be the case, but have you checked...

    May or may not be the case, but have you checked to ensure the CPU power cable is connected to the motherboard? When I built my system, I forgot to do so and spent about thirty minutes trying to...
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