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    Solution for low Volume and most issues

    After a lot of playing around with Crate and FW, I decided that I will go back to FW v34 and Windows default drivers + solve my missing LFE channel problem. For this I used a mix of windows default...
  2. Thread: Theta 7.1

    by CrHasher

    I have the Theta, just stay away it's not worth...

    I have the Theta, just stay away it's not worth it, get a good stereo headphone with virtual surround.
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    It would be nice if not almost all profiles from...

    It would be nice if not almost all profiles from Armoury Crate would have virtual surround turned on. Not to mention I can't find any default profile that is somewhat ok. Turning off virtual surround...
  4. Its not an issue with the PC

    Its not an issue with the PC, I tested on a phone with USB-C the problem persists even there. It is not a firmware problem and surely not a problem with my PC.

    Asus response to the issue is:
  5. Yes there is a popping sound whenever there is silence on any channel

    The problem you are describing is the same for me, whenever I start a track there is a popping/crackling sound, same when a track is paused or ends. This happens also mid audio when there is silence...
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    Theta is best with fw 0034

    Just here to confirm that firmware 0034 is way better than the newer versions. After installing 0034 it's the first time I hear clear separation between front and back channels.

    It looks like...
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