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  1. i like your signature...

    i like your signature...
  2. So, i got my hands on an 11700k early and testet...

    So, i got my hands on an 11700k early and testet a few things with the Z490 Extreme.

    1. Update both Bios on the Extreme to 2004 while having the a 10th Gen CPU inside. (it havent worked for me...
  3. Asus Maximus Extreme XII Z490 - Intel Core i7 11900k - Bios 2004 MB cant power on !

    As iam always an early adopter, i had a rare chance to get my hands on an 11700k early and first i tried with already installed 2002 on my MB. It was very bugged, booting took 30 seconds till i saw a...
  4. why is this Forum so badly moderated ... you...

    why is this Forum so badly moderated ... you never get any help from ROG staff or any clear answers. Anyway i got a confirmation from an employee that PCIX4 and 20 Lanes will be available on the...
  5. Asus Maximus Extreme XII Z490 - PCI 4 Support with RocketLake-S

    Hi guys,

    i bought this very expensive Motherboard just 7 month ago and i like it, i really would like to keep it but i need to know if it will support PCIX4.0 and 20 Lanes with the RocketLake...
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    OC Switcher on Dark

    this version seems to repair the broken oc switcher from 3003 where my system always resarted of unknown reasons.
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    X570 Dark Hero OC Switching issues 3003

    Hello there,

    recently got my hands on a X570 Dark Hero MB, updated to latest Bios 3003.
    In my opinion the OC Switcher is completly broken. I tried the very same settings that der8auer did.
  8. Crosshair VIII Impact Bios Bug from 2311 ++

    Hi, i somehow discovered a bug in the Versions above 2311.

    If i flash any Version above 2311 to the Impact and save something to the Bios on the next boot the debug LED immediatly stucks at 92....
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