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  1. Any news???

    Hello People!

    Does Anyone have news about this issue?
    Blake@ASUS maybe!?

    Are we still in the same situation!?
  2. No News on Rog Strix Scar II - Battery Drop to 0%

    Dear Blake@ASUS

    It's been a month since last post,
    Any news? please....
  3. GL704GM Battery Drop to 0%

    I upgraded BIOS to 309 for the GL704GM also with my fingers crossed...
    Guess what... Still the same.
  4. Battery issue

    Thanks for the update.
    Hope it is solved for you... did they tell what the problem was?
  5. Thank you for keep working on this issue. I...

    Thank you for keep working on this issue.
    I still believe it's a software problem.

    Well be expecting news.
  6. Thanks for the information... I'll keep...

    Thanks for the information...
    I'll keep searching for other options too.
  7. Still there

    Hello Everybody
    Could this be a Windows 10 issue??
    Has anyone tried with another version of windows?
    Is anyone still following this thread!?

    Come on ASUS!!!
  8. GL704GM Battery gone to 0%

    Hello Everybody... Just reading this post.
    I have the same issue, Battery drop to 0% for no reason.

    I have my GL704GM since December last year, I found about the problem about a month ago.

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