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    rog throne qi EQ??

    Just bought rog throne qi
    As a result, Armoury's MUSIC EQ adjustment has not changed at all.
    Is the software not updated yet ~~ Please test this question~
    If it is a firmware or software problem~...
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    0.00.38 Firmware problem

    My rog strix flare has just been updated to 0.00.38 and then I found that my multimedia button (return to the previous one) does not light up~ Is this the BUG of this firmware version?
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    Pg279q panel problem

    Recently, the newly purchased pg279q found a problem with the material of the panel. The coating on the polarizing plate does not seem to be so symmetrical. One or two places look like traces of oil...
  4. Every time I install it, I remove it completely...

    Every time I install it, I remove it completely through the GMTweakII RemoveTool. Only this new version crashes my system. My environment is win10 1803. Please ask someone with similar or similar...
  5. Install gputweak2 ver 1650 to crash the system!

    After installing the new version of the 1650, I will freeze the operating system as soon as I select the mode. Only press reset or turn off the power to restart! What should I do? Does anyone also...
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    FPS counter problem with pg279

    I just bought pg279q, I have a headache problem, that is, the fps counter of pg279 is not floating at all in the game for the window frameless display. I set 144 and he will always be at 144, only...
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