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  1. Necropost but...

    Sorry to necropost, but i think i have to revive this up. I am hitting this damn 307w power limit and this card is obviously capable of doing much more. Give us modified vbios with atleast 320w. All...
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    Complete bull****. WHOLE x570 lineup has They should've waited on x570 too if this was correct :)
  3. Just go on and do yourself a favor, buy gigabyte....

    Just go on and do yourself a favor, buy gigabyte. I will do the same when x570 become more affordable.
  4. Can you get to work and release for enthusiast 300-400 boards?

    Title. This is not the 300 usd "premium" experience we paid for.
    3950x launched yesterday and still no support for it on premium boards namely c6h and c7h hero.
    Other vendors have since a...
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    They know nothing and they don't want to work.

    Apart of shamino, they know nothing. HPET on bios and OFF from windows doesn't disable it completely (just try with some HPET programs, like hwinfo or ryzen master)
    Other boards have the options,...
  6. Asus is no longer a premium mobo manifacturer

    Now gigabyte has taken the crown.
    Funny that it was quite the opposite just 1-2 year ago with first gen ryzen release, gigabyte was basically ignoring ryzen platform and you can tell this just by...
  7. stilt op
    the stilt fixed it for you asus, go download 002 modded bios with 46.49 smu ^^
  8. Bost fix, 46.49 SMU - 1003 ABBA bioses already out.

    Asus? Hello?
  9. AMD driver 19.7.5, aura sync still doesn't work

    Asus is advertising a feature which is not working on their gpu. (AURA SYNC)
    Reverting to an older driver is not an acceptable workaround.
    Should we class action vs asus or what?
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    Up. Cmon asus. Update the software.

    Up. Cmon asus. Update the software.
  11. Thread: Deleted

    by Synoxia

    19.7.2 Aura still not working

    When software update??? I can't use aura sync with my GPU!
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    AMD 19.7.2 out, aura sync still not working.

    Canyou update lightingservice? Thanks
  13. RGB sync mother board and gpu without aura sync

    ^ Title. I've seen rgb headers on my rog strix vega 64 gpu but they did nothing when i tried to plug it to the phanteks halos which are synced with the mobo... is there any way i can sync the gpu to...
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