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    FIX DPI awareness

    Finally figured out these issues are related to AURA's DPI awareness. Seems 1.05.25 was properly DPI aware but later versions are not.
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    New Version - Same Issue

    I still cannot even view the software properly due to a poor UI transperency implementation. Please just make a generic UI option.
  3. New version Same issues.

    Still having these issues from 1.05.28 on Not preset in 1.05.25. Overall transparency issue is gone, the window still disappears when mousing over.
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    Sticky: Workflow

    The work flow is backwards for color picking or needs adjustment. Say i want to apply different colors to different addresses (RGB Memory for example), but some of the same colors. I have to go to...
  5. Only ASUS software (GPU does thistweak too)....

    Only ASUS software (GPU does thistweak too). Across multiple instances of windows installations. Firmware and drivers are and have always been up to date. It appears to be something ASUS implements...
  6. GUI issues wwith any ASUS software

    Any Ideas? Heres some videos of the issue:

    As you can see when I mouse over the UI it just disappears....
  7. No Strix 270G. I've even done clean installs of...

    No Strix 270G. I've even done clean installs of windows and still had this issue. 2 different video cards one EVGA 980ti and a Strix 1080ti . Assuming the transparency issue with Aura is the same as...
  8. Anyone? Is there maybe a better GUI that doesn't...

    Anyone? Is there maybe a better GUI that doesn't focus on fancy transparency? Same thing with GPU tweak. Is the GUI maybe affected by overlays? or resolution or something? DPI settings maybe? Anyway...
  9. Software GUI Transparency issue

    I have problems with ASUS's software in general with the GUI. First started noticing it in GPU tweak. The GUI is transparent and then dissapears when i mouse over it. Making this version completely...
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