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    ROG Delta S Microphone not working.

    Jeez, after firmware update today 5/10/21 the microphone is dead.

    Any fixes? i've tried basic troubleshooting such as connect a Delta S to my Mobile Phone, to my PlayStation 4, the microphone...
  2. I called service support couple months ago and he...

    I called service support couple months ago and he came up with Motherboard replacement, now the new motherboard locked at Blue color, but still multi colors when in sleep-mode or after startup a...
  3. MB's LED gone dark and Armoury Crate not recognize MB after updated Bios.

    I got GA35(G35DX) desktop pc, after i updated latest Bios(305) the LED Aura on Motherboard are gone and unable to turn on Turbo mode in Armoury Crate app, when i hover my mouse to the option it said...
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