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  1. Aura Creator appears to recognize RAM now.

    Just a heads up for anyone who wants to play with it. Still does not recognize an Arez Strix video card.
  2. Keyboard is a Strix Flare. Motherboard is Asus...

    Keyboard is a Strix Flare. Motherboard is Asus Prime X470 Pro. The case/processor fans are all controlled through the motherboard, so they work as well.

    Edit to Add: Just tried the Aura Terminal....
  3. Okay, so got Aura Creator (mostly) working.

    It seems the only thing that was needed was the Armoury crate UWP app. The Armoury crate doesn't even have to *work*. With it installed, Aura Creator detected my motherboard (and thus all my...
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