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    Sticky: Hello from Georgia, US.

    Hello, I just joined the forums. Surprisingly a year after I actually bought the G750j. Mainly because I have finally started running out of room. Too many games, too much music, and a flood of...
  2. Thanks for the replies. They are appreciated.

    Thank you both for replying to my question. So from what you two are saying RoG is a community and well trusted Gaming systems. While gaming is the latest and greatest slapped together and Vivo is...
  3. Thread: God Mode W10

    by Requim

    I remeber this. From long ago. When Blockbuster still existed. Ancient times.

    This started out around Vista, I believe. Other kids at school thought this was the "Cool" thing. It is kind of nice that people still share this around, along with the fact that Microsoft has kept...
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    Awesome theme, really makes the atmosphere better.

    Really, wish I knew how to do stuff like this. Also really wish themes/ personalization was not so broken on windows 10. Everything being moved to the new "Settings" instead of being left, where it...
  5. Anyone know why Asus has RoG desktops and then "Gaming" Desktops?

    So I was just curious about how the Asus websites seems to have everything set up. As I was browsing for a new power desktop with expandability I noticed the Asus Website has 3 different "brands"...
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