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  1. Asus Strix MB (RESOLVED): Hail Mary on USB Port Power Issue

    I spent a number of additional hours trying to resolve this issue including:

    - reducing hibernation file size
    - loading ASMedia Driver v1.16.26.1
    - loading ASMedia Driver v1.16.41.3
    - Bluetooth...
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    Strix X99 MB Bios OC Broadwell-E Presets

    Need help or better understanding. My system is the Asus Strix X99 MB, Bios 1504, I7-6800k, W10, Samsung 960 m.2 1TB Boot Drive, Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200MHz, EVGA GTX 970, and Corsair H100i...
  3. Successful Samsung 960 m.2 1TB Install

    I purchased and successfully installed a Samsung 960 m.2 1TB drive on my existing system as the boot drive. My system is an Asus Strix X99 Gaming MB, Bios 1504, I7-6800k, W10, 16GB 4x4 Corsair...
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    Suspected AI Suite III Conflicts

    My system is the Asus Strix X99 with the I7-6800K processor, GTX970 and Corsair H100i v2 cooler running W10x64. Had lots of issues trying to successfully run AI Suite III latest and previous...
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    Suspected Conflicts w/AI Suite III

    At least with my system (STRIX X99 W10), I found that AI Suite III conflicts with both Corsair Link & EVGA PrecisionX software. When I removed this software, I no longer got the DIP5 error.
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