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    Thunderbolt 3 in?

    Hi guys I have a G752VS notebook. I want to stream in video from a TV streaming box to watch on my notebook. The streaming box has a HDMI out connection. Will the HDMI connection on my notebook...
  2. Thank you ClintLgm. If my bird brain understands...

    Thank you ClintLgm. If my bird brain understands you correctly sir you believe the docking stations power supply is inadequate to power the computer. That is how I feel.
    Physically the docking...
  3. Asus HZ-3A docking station to G752VS question

    Hi guys just received my G752VS notebook. Its a beaut. Just only wish it would have been available with the black finish.
    I ordered the HZ-3A docking station to go along with the notebook. I was...
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    Date new models out?

    Hi guys , I am in the market for a new Gamers note book and have been looking at the ROG G752VS-XB78K and am wondering when the new models are coming out? Should I wait for the new models?

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