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  1. Success

    ok, I now got my new Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB (2 pc.)

    As it should be: plug, screw & play !!!

    They work without any hickups ... as they should. Board detected them immediately. They were listed...
  2. Statusupdate

    I didn't forget this ...

    The company I bought the 970 EVOs wasn't able to repalace them. At least after months of legal dispute I got my money back.

    So I'm going to buy new ones.

  3. ... still waiting for information on my...

    ... still waiting for information on my replacements. it's getting a never-ending story.

    I tried both boot settings - so that was clearly not the reason (Other OS/Windows UEFI) on all the bioses I...
  4. Statusupdate


    I'm still waiting for my replacements. My original NVMes have been sent on request to Samsung. As soon as they are back I will let you know, if they work.

  5. to calm nerves down

    My core temps vary around 5-10°. HW-Info and CPU-Z.
    For 10900K it is normal, that only 2-4 cores are on Extra-Turbo (x53) mode. Normal is max x50, by cooling one core on x8.

    There is the “Intel...
  6. Much appreciation

    Thanks a lot, this is a great relieve for me. “recognized immediately”
    What an unlucky me, to get two defect NVMEs…. (original packing … amazon …)
    Having sent them back feels now the right...
  7. Replies

    My point of view

    I have the ROG SWIFT PG278Q (bought in 2015) and it is f***ing awesome!
    What I hear and read is that the ROG SWIFT PG279Q is also superb.

    I use G_Sync.
    I do not like curved. -> flat panel
    I do...
  8. Tension increases

    Whow, thank you!

    I still hope that your new m.2 will simply work. Otherwise I would have a guilty conscience sending mine back as faulty.

    So, I'm looking forward to hear from you.

    I checked...
  9. Replies

    HW Info during OC Test

    ... and for checking HW-Info, temperatures, fan-speeds, ... HWiNFO64

    Especially during overclocking tests ...
  10. Status

    I sent them back on Friday 3rd of July – so I expect the replacements to arrive next week.

    Thanks for your offer. I still give this a 50/50% chance to be a bios thing. If the replacements work, I...
  11. Tests and BIOS Settings

    Thanks for your response!
    Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 500GB == 500G
    Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 2 TB == 2T

    Good to hear that 1TB Version also works.

    I had a week with ASUS and SAMSUNG support, and we...
  12. My solution

    I had to do it twice.

    Start (if not already), configure – select another page. Close the Program.
    Restart it, configure, select another page. Close the Program.

    Restart -> it is down there in...
  13. Next step

    I'm sending them back (970 Evo Plus 2TB) - lets see, how their replacements do...
  14. GameFirst VI - same Problem

    For me GameFirst VI has the same problem.

    The Switch under Settings-General "Automatically start with Windows" has no effect on Windows boot time.
    (Names can differ because I use a german...
  15. GameFirst VI not detecting ASUS GT-AC5300 Router


    Just to let you know:

    GameFirst VI would'nt detect my ASUS Router.


    It can only connect through HTTP. If you switched your Admin Web Console on the router to HTTPS only it...
  16. ASUS Maximius XII Hero and Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 2T


    I have 2 new Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 2TB (NVME). Both are not detected by BIOS nor OS (Windows 10 2004)

    My Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 500GB works properly in all 3 M.2 Slots.

    Has anybody got a...
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