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  1. New BIOS Did NOT Help

    Slow as before. Faster when the login picture is turned off, but still unacceptable slow boot. And going to BIOS. FIX PLEASE.
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    Aura Sync, Every Version!!


    I have brand new X570 Crosshair VIII motherboard, and ASUS 2080Ti card, as well as ASUS monitor.

    I tried every trick in these forums, and actually repair upgraded my Windows (no way Im...
  3. Yea this is not acceptable ESPECIALLY for over...

    Yea this is not acceptable ESPECIALLY for over 500 Euros (In EU) board, which is ment to overclocking and boot times and BIOS working is priority for that.
  4. Crosshair VIII Hero Wifi SLOW boot times and boot


    I have Hero + Ryzen 3900x, and I have unbelievable bad boot times. I cant get into Windows with restarting in under 50 seconds! I have tryed propably all choices from BIOS (702, newest) and...
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