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    Should I be under the assumption I should be...

    Should I be under the assumption I should be ready to buy on Sept 17th for the Strix 3080? Or just when Asus announces when it comes out?
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    RTX 3080 Strix - Release date?

    Anyone have any idea when the 3080 strix is going to be available for purchase? All Asus says is "Contact your local retailer for more info."

    Is there something i'm missing? Does it come out the...
  3. My upgrade - Z370-E and Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe SSD

    Just upgraded to a 1TB NVMe 970 Evo Plus on my Strix Z-370e. I sat here for awhile wondering what I need to do with the heat sink and if I should just install the SSD onto the top M.2 slot. I was...
  4. Noob overclocker - Z370-E using Ez-Tuning for i5-9600k?

    Should I be using the Ez tuning for my i5-9600k? I've found no real good articles on what I should be doing with this CPU. I have my specs posted on my page. I've been running the "performance" mode...
  5. I did purchase the CPU and MOBO from different...

    I did purchase the CPU and MOBO from different stores. If I knew about this promotion before purchasing I would of purchased a bundle kit, but unfortunately they do not offer bundles with the...
  6. ASUS I5-9600K & Z370-E - No Black Ops 4 4 Key?

    Hey guys, new member here. Building my first desktop build but I had a question about the new Black Ops 4 ROG promotion and could use some help.

    I also realized I started a new thread in general...
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