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  1. Finaly ?

    Hi Cutsick

    Your feedback really interested me. I'm French (you will better understand why my english is poor ^^) and like you I'm a GK 2000 RGB owner
    My keeboard works fine and I know that even...
  2. Do you know in 2020 a software (freeware)

    Now in 2020
    do you know a software ( or method) to adapt RGB Aura Sync with the Aurus GK 2000 RGB keyboard ?
    I had bought this keyboard when this year bebin I couldn't imagine that Asus did not...
  3. Aurus GK 2000 RGB: Looking about animated RGB profiles for downloaded

    After lot of fail with Corsair K series (2x k75 + 3x k95) I bough an Aurus GK 2000RGB
    It's a realy nice keyboard (and now breakdowns are finish).
    but with Corsair I used to download hundreds...
  4. how to configure a nice RGB profile with GK2000 v2


    After lot of Corsair fail (2 K70 rapidfire & 3 K95 CheryMx brown) I bought a GK2000 RGB with red CheryMx.
    The keyboard is realy nice but I can't do superimpose 2 RGB profiles (pulsation +...
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