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  1. ROG Spotlight (Projector) shows up in Armoury Create but not in Aura Creator.

    Title says it all.
  2. Add one more to the list of the latest update...

    Add one more to the list of the latest update breaking Gskill Trident RGB in Aura Creator.

    Also has anyone ever gotten the ROG Spotlight to work in aura creator.
    Armory Create see's my...
  3. Did Asus send me back a GPU that was sent in to be repaired?

    I RMA'd my 2060 super that died. (PC wouldn't start)
    Asus sent me back a card that would crash and had constant purple artifacts.

    So i go through the chat for a...
  4. ROG Spotlight

    ROG Spotlight is not accessible in Aura Creator.
  5. ROG Spotlight

    Anyone else still not able to access "ROG Spotlight " in Aura Creator?
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