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    Apex XI RAM Voltage

    Hello. Iwant ask about RAM voltage. I using same RAM as i have on my old board Z270 APEX IX and that board have solid 1.35V with XMP on. But on apex XI this Voltage fluctuate from 1.340 to 1.360 so...
  2. Hey man. are you using Auto voltage or some OC? ...

    Hey man. are you using Auto voltage or some OC? If auto change it to offset. my case for APEX XI Auto is high i have 90c+ but i play with it and for me offset -0,115V and LLC4 i have max 1.180V...
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    Asus OC Panel problem.

    Hi guys. i wanted to try OC panel it works fine shows temps, voltage, until i press fan button on OC panel. My PC crash (hard reset) and i was welcomed by error go to bios to recover. So i did. and...
  4. Thread: Z270 Apex

    by KotOr368

    Z270 Apex

    Yea apex is truly only for hardore OC. Today i was cleaning dust. So i think i will check thermal pads. And look what i found. This board is so good that doesnt need thermal pad on half of VRM. ASUS...
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