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    Fan smoothing stopped working?

    I'm having fan oscillation problems... Under a fairly constant reasonably low load (for my TR 1950x, 64GB, SSD only machine)...

    My CPU fans are oscillating every 30 seconds or so... Which of...
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    Ok I'm getting it :) A few more insights... ...

    Ok I'm getting it :)

    A few more insights...

    1) It seems very few people understand this. It's not like my post generated tons of responses, and of course Asus support was not helpful.
    2) If...
  3. Zenith Extreme SSD (nvme) location temperatures

    Does anyone have their nvme SSD located under the chipset cooler?

    I'd like to get some real-world settings of what the temps are, compared to the PCH temperature...

    Trying to see if I should...
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    piacenza wakefield

    Again my gratitude for you taking the time not just to respond - but doing real work, taking screenshots, etc..

    You're one awesome dude.... :)

    Ok I think I'm getting closer.

    1) Was...
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    Thank you gupsterg. I apologize for the...

    Thank you gupsterg.

    I apologize for the multiple posts here - and at OC... I just didn't really find the right places to post at first. I'm grateful for all your responses.

    I posted a reply...
  6. Yes I get that. But there's no reason...

    Yes I get that.

    But there's no reason whatsoever for, in BIOS, the system to be boosting so much so as to drive Vcore over 1.5v. That's 50% more than it is right now, running windows (with CPB...
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    Core Performance Boost Buggy...

    I didn't see this sub-forum and posted elsewhere.

    I just submitted a bug report on the issue where fans are oscillating for no reason. I tracked it further to see it was happening in bios, with...
  8. Thank you for responding. Yes the oscillations...

    Thank you for responding.

    Yes the oscillations happen regardless of what type of bios display mode - easy or advanced.

    The culprit is "core performance boost". If disabled, the voltage doesn't...
  9. Zenith Extreme 1950x - CPU voltage and temps oscillating in BIOS

    Hey everyone.

    Is anyone seeing wild temperature and voltage (and fan) swings on the Zenith Extreme X399 board, while just in BIOS?

    The voltage is oscillating (when in auto) from 1.2x up to 1.5x...
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    AI Suite III, pulling back on the OC

    So the AI suite software tuned my Threadripper 1950x to 16% OC. Just under 4Ghz.

    If my room temperature was low, it might have worked out long term - although my PC was a bit too loud under load....
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