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    Same thing here too

    So I've been pulling my hair out for couple days wondering is my rtx titan screwed after only 2 months or not. Its only very very slight speckiling on black which I still don't know if the cards...
  2. Now I'm seeing hdd errors on my m.2_1 every...

    Now I'm seeing hdd errors on my m.2_1 every reboot it's doing chkdsk to repair my c drive.

    Smart says it's healthy, so I've no idea what my issue is now. I'm seeing freezed now when copying lots...
  3. Rampage VI Extreme Omega Freezing on SATA hdd high I/O??

    Really like my new Motherboard, most of my components were from my old setup which was a Rampage V Extreme. I have 2x M.2's now but I also have several Sata HDDs which are purely storage. But I...
  4. thanks

    Thanks for confirming that sort of PCH temp is normal?? Ive just got the rampage vi extreme omega with 2x m.2 disks under the coaling and i started to see that my primary m.2 a Samsung 970 pro was...
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