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  1. Idiot

    Wasn't even the CPU fan it was the GPU. Switched slots for the GPU and all fine. Hopefully some mod will delete this post before I make myself look any more like an amateur. :(
  2. Nope, still happening

    Thought resolved but doing it again. When using the PC normally the fan speeds increase and decrease as expected with load and temps. However, if I go into a game (in this instance, Rise of the Tomb...
  3. Hi Chino and thanks for the response as well as...

    Hi Chino and thanks for the response as well as an apology for my late reply. I bought the board and it came with BIOS from 2016 (09xx I think). I updated to latest and so far I think its working...
  4. CPU fan won't slow down but does speed up

    Hi All,

    Tried searching the forum and a lot of Googling but can't find anything specific to my problem or setup.

    Basically, on booting up, my CPU fan is at low RPM as expected as the CPU is not...
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