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  1. ROG Phone Mobile Dock - Fan can't be turned off


    I have a Mobile Desktop Dock connected to my PC. Most of it works perfectly, with a few minor improvements I hope to see in future updates (Aura sync with PC, Alt + Tab in the tablet mode, not...
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    I bought a micro usb cable with a power switch to simplify the process if I need to swap to cable. It appears this was the problem. The secondary usb cable meets all the demands but for some reason...
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    Spatha is unresponsive after charging


    I have read the sticky about the Spatha, and understand it's not the best of products to be produced in terms of issue free usage. However, I cannot find anyone that has had the same problem...
  4. It was red when I ordered it

    Yeah it's the same in my case, on the website the dock is only shown with red lighting. It was a surprising dissapointment when it changed color to green as soon as I installed the drivers, given it...
  5. Changed the first time

    Happy to help! It seems the driver uploaded something to the reciever itself, like it has an onboard memory, because it remained green when plugging into a different computer. Might be something...
  6. The hardware is there

    Indeed that Mamba-stand har an edge to the spatha. With the geometry the stand has it really is a shame that they haven't put that tiny extra effort into it, making it match tha mouse itself with...
  7. Lasermod 4ever

    In the waiting and hoping for this to be solved, I used the trick of hiding the LED using tape, and took it another level by adding a laser light behind it, controlled by an arduino nano so it can...
  8. Yes please!

    I would also love to be able to customize this LED. The ideal situation would be to be able to customize it in the Armoury, so that one can create their own profile, like:

    Example 1:
    30-100%: ...
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