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  1. for anyone who comes across this, its on an off...

    for anyone who comes across this, its on an off with the updates, both panel overdrive and power saver came back after reinstalling them in one update, now in the newest one overdrive went away...
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    Major problem with 2021 Asus TUF Dash F15

    This laptop is not bottlenecked by anything, but it just simply does not try when the dGPU is being used. In something more demanding it will be 100% used, but it will never try to go higher than...
  3. Finally got armoury crate working on windows 11 but panel related options missing

    I noticed that the panel overdrive and auto refresh rate switching options are missing. I can change to refresh rate in settings just fine but I'd really like to be able to get panel overdrive back....
  4. FX516PR (2021TUF Dash F15 w/ 3070) issues with new vBios

    hey so after getting the new vBIOS I cant overclock the memory past +300 MHz, when it was stable with no artifacting at +600 before.

    Also as soon as the gpu core goes to 71 C it increases fan...
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