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  1. [Asus Strix Raid Pro] Changing number of channels through ASIO

    When changing from 5.1 surround to headphone the number of ASIO channels suddenly changes from 8 to 2.

    This is VERY annoying because my software relies on a fixed ASIO channel number.
    Is it...
  2. [Asus Strix Raid Pro] Definition of ASIO channels

    Hi guys, I'm wondering how the ASIO channels work, which channel is what?

    When using Surround 5.1 I can't test all ASIO channels, I have found this:
    Channel 0: front left
    Channel 1: front right...
  3. Solved

    This has finally been solved with the new drivers!
  4. I have the same problem

    I have the same problem!

    So this ' incredible' card with a signal to nois ratio of 124dB can't even be used in a PC?

    Unbelievable that Asus can promote this 124dB while they are not even able...
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