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    Guys, are you worried only about your ram...

    Guys, are you worried only about your ram speeds??

    this last bios breaks my nvm raid, doesn't want to allow boot on GPU #2, I can't get to a working system so I can't try GPU passthrough but I'm...
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    Hello there, did anyone tried this bios with a...

    Hello there,

    did anyone tried this bios with a dual GPU setup? does GPU passthrough works for you with it?
    It was broken before.

  3. support form

    The URL is like this:

    Yes please do it
  4. Managed to revert back to bios 1201

    Managed to revert back by removing the Graphic cards, then pressed clear cmos (while booting) :confused: ....

    then flashbios button worked.... how bizarre

    Back with bios 1201, will go up in...
  5. I sent a technical inquiry

    I put a technical service message, and suggest we all impacted do the same so it is fixed ASAP.
  6. TRUE , see below post, you are right amadeus

    Replied above, it's a mess
  7. True, flashback ain't working, BIG ISSUE HERE!!!

    For me this update (and possibly the previous one too I didn't tried)
    broke the ability to use FLASHBACK , the button won't do a thing (yes I know the way to do flashbacks, I did it plenty of time...
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    Not just the USBs that disconnect but also nvmes !!! also CSM compat nightmarish


    Owner of a CH7 for a week, I have not overcome many problems related to this board.

    I run Linux on it, trying to do GPU passthrough virt is so far a nightmare (ordered a RX580 for the...
  9. nope 1306 doesn't

    and has serious flaws....
  10. BIos update fixing it?

    Is the beta bios working on this?

    I can provide logs and such to fix this...
  11. CH7 Interface bus parameter not working in bios :mad: :(

    Hello, I tried to run 2 CGs, one on the pcie1gen3x8 and second in the pcie2gen3x4 and to set the primary display as the second.

    CGs are a GTX 1060 and a GTX 760. Yet even if I set the interface...
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