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    upated to the 813 version

    813 bios is working good for me I cab even run some higher ram speeds without boot problems but still can't run doc profile standart with my 3000mhz ram always crashing when booting set the memory...
  2. New bios is nice & working good

    So the newest bios is working great stuff is fixed and the option to turn Sense Mi Skew off or on and you don#t have to set the ram voltage manual to 1.35v for faster ram speed :)
  3. I just updated it

    just updated it with the ez flash tool in the bios
  4. the bios is legit

    did you read the other conversation I had with the other guy here he did not trust the update either it is a asus bios from a employee working at asus how is that just a"forum bios " :P?
  5. Correct me If I'm too dumb to find the option

    Correct me If I'm wrong and too dumb to find the option in the new bios version ;P
  6. 9001 bios has the senseMI Skew

    update your bios to the 9001 bios you can turn the senseMI Skew off there so it is giving you the right temps.

    In the 810 bios version which is now on the offical website the option to turn ...
  7. and the -C temps are back
  8. solved

  9. yeah it's working nice at 1,35v

    yeah it's working for me without problems
  10. nice it works

    changed the voltage to 1,35 now It is working at 2999mhz speed nice
  11. good ;)

    good to hear what speed are you able to run your memory speed at I can only do 2133mhz
  12. my bios version screenshot from my bios
  13. screenshot from last week
  14. picture
    look at the other thread from here there are other guys that are using it too with no problem.
  15. I used it too works fine

    it's a bios version that is not released yet and we got to fix the problem with the SenseMi Skew feature which this bios added the option to turn off or on the bios is from a ASUS employee :)

  16. it was router fault not bios all good :D

    it was router fault not bios all good :D
  17. here you go
  18. Ethernet adapter keeps loosing connection

    my Ethernet adapter keeps loosing connection didn't happen before the special bios we got ;(
    So changed the driver for the Ethernet Adapter working better now hope it stays like this :D
  19. It's working nice :D

    Thanks for the fix with this bios version:D
    short question is the 20C offset removed on the mainboard (sensor) when using asus ai suite or hw info 64 when SenseMI Skew is turned off ?...
  20. That would be nice

    Where did you hear / read about it?
  21. Bios version?

    what bios version are you using hope the ne 809 version or the 808 version earlier bios like the 4xx maybe doesn't support the 2999mhz freq at the time
  22. safe mode no post ?

    I get the temp. readings with normal/lower ram speed too at 2133mhz why does your pc go in safe mode or doesn't post I don't have that :(
  23. maybe temp fix

    I reset the cmos first used the asus ai suite oc tool and let the tool oc my cpu that is how I got the right temps and than I looked which values changed for me it was the 1.8v cpu voltage to 1.9v...
  24. temp fiix maybe ;P

    reset the cmos on what bios version are you what tool do you use to monitor temps?
  25. I found the problem why it's showing the wrong Temperature

    I installed asus ai suite did the OC with the tool and it showed the right temperature then I looked what it set different it is the !CPU 1.80 V VOLTAGE ! setting if it's changed to 1.900V the cpu...
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