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  1. [SOLVED] I upgraded the BIOS to versions 305....

    [SOLVED] I upgraded the BIOS to versions 305. Apparently the issue I was having was to do with the CPU turbo kicking in and causing over heating. The BIOS upgrade has fixed this.
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    Asus GL702VM Fire Strike Score

    What fire strike benchmark score are you getting stock and overclocked on you GL702VM?

    Stock I am getting 8866 which seems low for a 1060 gtx?

    Thanks in advance
  3. Asus ROG Laptop GL702VM playing Damaged Core

    I have a Asus ROG GL702VM laptop (i7, GTX 1060, 16GB RAM) and I am playing Damaged Core on the Rift and I am experiencing some sound distortion and slow down when playing the game. The...
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