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  1. Good news :) - Update

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to update the post. After going through the RMA process I am so happy to tell you that the monitor is now working flawlessly good. I want to thank everybody that guided...
  2. Thank you so much for your reply Bill. Here are the details.

    Hi Bill,

    thank you so much for your reply. I just created an RMA around a day ago, and the support agents were very kind and helpful. I just need to figure out how to ship the monitor in the best...
  3. Replies

    Something similar with a PG258Q

    This happened to me two days ago, but with the PG258Q. It was working fine since summer, and it just did that. I contacted support, and hope they can help me. I can't find anything related to the...
  4. Issues with ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q - Automatic factory reset, OSD error, new menu, etc

    The issue:
    This panel has been doing weird stuff since approximately two days ago. It has been working superb since I bought it in summer, but it suddenly started to behave like this. I will point...
  5. Same issue with ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q. Happened from nowhere, was fine before.

    Same issue here with a ROG SWIFT PG258Q. The monitor worked fine since summer but around two days ago it started doing weird stuff. On standby it shows blue, green, red and white colors which never...
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