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    Windows 2004 Update Temperatures

    Just curious if anyone compared the temperatures between windows 1909 and 2004. As im sure everyone here has a laptop and temps are primarily are main issue with them. Did the temps seem to increase...
  2. Is it possible to save current bios to a usb drive?

    I would like to save my current bios (312) to a usb drive since the asus download page doesn't have that bios to download anymore (only 313 and 314 are available for download). The reason I want to...
  3. Driver version for gtx 1060 with best performance ?

    Just curious as to what driver version people are using for the GTX 1060 (laptop version) with the best performance. I'm currently using 399.24 simply because I heard any driver version higher...
  4. GL703VM/503VM idle temperatures (CPU and GPU)

    If people with the laptops mentioned in the title can please post their idle temperatures so I can get an idea of what the average temperature of the laptop should be when idle it would be greatly...
  5. Asus GL703VM Performance/Temperatures After Upgrading BIOS from 306 to 311?

    Considering upgrading the BIOS from version 306 to 311. Just curious how the performance is affected after upgrading (mostly interested in temperatures). If you could let me know if the performance...
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    Gl703vm fan problems

    I bought the ASUS GL703VM DB74 laptop recently with the GTX 1060 graphics card, and I have undervolted both the CPU and GPU and the fans now run at a bearable speed but my problem is that every 30...
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