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  1. 6800K Broadwell, X99 STRIX Gamer and Fan Spinup

    My machine is overclocked to 4.0 using some pretty standard settings from the Asus Broadwell E overclocking guide. Heavily stress tested the Overclock.

    Has run perfectly and quietly for 6 months....
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    Not Recommended With Overclocking

    Intel Turbo Boost 3.0 Not Recommended With Overclocking

    This from the Asus Edge guide on Broadwell Overclocking:

    "By Specific Core: This setting works in conjunction with the Intel Turbo Boost...
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    Joined Dec31.....still no Avatar


    I joined on Dec 31

    Was verified that day and have over 10 posts.

    No Avatar ability for me either.

    And I agree. the image verification thingy is just annoying as heck.
  4. Corrected SpeedStep

    OK.....think I fixed the SpeedStep issue.;)

    In my Power managent profile in Windows I was using "Performance" with a minimum Processor speed of 100%

    so of course, speed Step could never kick...
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    Samsung Magician??

    When I did a Samsung 1TB SSD on another system, the Samsung Magician allowed for a huge improvement, at least on benchmarks. Hard to really tell otherwise.....LOL

    Is the Magician Certified now for...
  6. Take the card

    Take the card

    Make sure you don't pay for anything....shipping....whatever.

    price of doing business and you will probably get the same performance anyway. The OC cards are just normal cards...
  7. Turbo Boost and Speed Step...... How do I tell if it is working properly?

    *I am getting very close to stable overclock settings on my new rig but I am a little confused about turbo boost and Intel speed step. When I look at *hardware monitor and CPUZ I see that my cores...
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    6800k Broadwell

    Thanks for the reply! *I have a 6800k Broadwell

    Not sure about the "e"

    EDIT: I just checked my Newegg order and yes it is a Broadwell E version *It is currently overclocked to 4.0 with a...
  9. Not necessarily

    Not necessarily.

    The QVL simply shows what has been tested and Asus KNOWS it's OK..

    Your sticks may still work....Asus just hasn't tested them .

    Have you tried thowing the XMP switch on the...
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    Broadwell average temps under stress

    Am stress testing a new build.

    What are considered "good" temps when stress testing a i7 6800 Broadwell?

    I just spent 30 minutes Googling and the best answer I could find was off Tom's hardware...
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    Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0.....any good??

    Is the Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Software any good?? Or is the boost so negligible you would never notice?

    Do any of you guys use it to prioritize for particular games or apps?

    Will it...
  12. Bios----Tools

    Go into Bios.....Advanced.....Tools.....Asus SPD and check the SPD settings of each stick.....that's where I caught the very minute differences in timings between the two sets of sticks. A quad set...
  13. Thanks again

    It does indeed have an actual xmp switch on the mobo.

    And thanks again for the info.

    Will study some guides....try a few things and come back with more questions probably....LOL

    Have the...
  14. Thanks!

    Great info!

    I Wondered about that Bclock of 125

    When I go manual, do I still leave the XMP profile switch on? and just set the 3000 speed timings to the SPD of that XMP profile? I...
  15. If not fixed, try this

    I assume you have already fixed this but if not, let me relate my experience.

    important that your RAM kit of four is certified for dual channel and you bought it as a set of four together.
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    Works good for me

    Strangely, I have had the opposite experience.....

    Once I got 4 certified to run together RAM sticks (instead of the two sets of two each....even though they had the same part number).....all my...
  17. Try this

    Are you at the 1401 Bios ??

    I had a similar problem at first with a 1 TB Samsung EVO 960 NVMe, m.2 even after going to 1401

    but I solved it by simply clr CMOS and an unplug of the machine from...
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    Thank You

    Fabulous information! Thank you! Your Google Docs are quite impressive! The time you took to do this....oh my! I hope to apply some of these settings to a 6800K Broadewll and X99 board.
  19. Old guy coming back to overclocking....a few questions

    I am an older guy (now retired) coming back to overclocking after a hiatus of about 12 years. (raising kids, work, etc) and brand new to the forum. My two sons bought me a new x99 STRIX Gamer board...
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