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  1. Manjaro on an ASUS G750JS

    Great to hear Linux is going well for you. Apparently only 3% of PC users use Linux, but I believe that number will grow with time, if Linux can shake it's mistaken image as a operating system...
  2. How's your experience with Linux, or dial-booting...

    How's your experience with Linux, or dial-booting with Linux, since 2015?
    Which distro did you settle for in the end?

    From an interested Linux user.
  3. How do I know if my ASUS G750JS has a UASP driver?

    I have an ASUS G750JS, that came preinstalled with Windows 8.1.

    I've understood that the UASP driver can give a significant speed boost to USB3.0. How do I find out if this driver installed?

  4. How to set up a Windows/Linux Lite dual-boot , UEFI fully enabled, on an Asus G750JS

    For anyone interested, I have posted a tutorial on how to set up a UEFI enabled dual-boot for
    Windows 8.1 / Linux Lite 2.4, running on an Asus G750JS. The link for this is the Linux Lite forums...
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