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  1. Make a motherboard with wider PCIe spacing

    I am a fan of ASUS in general. I plan on getting a pair of 3090s Strixes for my next PC build (not sure on how I am going to pull it off.) The problem is that all Z490 and X570s motherboards don't...
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    Poll: Call of Duty Black Ops 4

    Hello Asus buddies,

    There is a promo for Call of Duty to be included with certain ROG products such as the older Pascal cards, pre-built systems as well as motherboards. I am surprised to see...
  3. I just returned a Zotac Amp because it's RGB...

    I just returned a Zotac Amp because it's RGB software didn't work and Zotac told me to refund it to mircocenter. Now I have no card. Really want that ASUS Strix and get Aura Sync on and no deal...
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