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    It's happening to me too, and what I've done is ...

    It's happening to me too, and what I've done is that I installed intel's extreme tuning utility (xtu) and decreased the turbo power max to something like 15 watts, when I'm not doing anything...
  2. GL503VM-DB74 Keyboard (and kb backlight) not working in OS and BIOS

    Hi, I had posted a reply to this post, , but since it's a old thread...
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    I wouldn't try it

    I almost broke my laptop using liquid metal on my gl503vm. If you carry the laptop around, over time, beads of the thermal paste will spill around in the chassis so you run the risk of frying your...
  4. I have the same problem

    Sorry for the post necromancy, but my Gl503VM has the same exact problem, keyboard doesn't work either in windows, BIOS or Linux and the power light stays on unless I hold the power button for 5...
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