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  1. Sticky: Reboots !!!

    Even with the new firmware i still have the same problems. 6 random resets in 4 days, 2 times i had to power off and on the router because the wifi didnt work ( no clients could connect).
    This is...
  2. Firmware Restoration


    i had a similar problem and i had to do a firmware restoration.

    you can find this in page 110 in the router manual

    5.2 Firmware RestorationFirmware
    Restoration is used on an ASUS...
  3. Sticky: Random reboots and Wifi problem

    i have the same problems with y.abualreesh and LedXizor who post above me.

    I noticed that when i have guests at my home and they are trying to connect to my wifi then one of my 2 5GHz wifi is...
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