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  1. It worked!

    It worked! Switching the ram from A1/B1 to the A2/B2 channel fixed everything.

    In A1/B1, I couldn't boot past 4400mhz (and even then, it crashed so I was running it at 4000mhz).

    When in...
  2. wow

    The 1.25v suggestion was a good one (and I tried it) but unfortunately it didn't work.

    I'm going to have to try channel B with the ram sticks. That's quite interesting and would be surprising to...
  3. Even on latest

    I keep on testing the latest BIOS (0802) and unfortunately none of these are helping the issue.

    Are there planned fixes within the BIOS updates or perhaps I should look into replacing the memory?...
  4. Sticky: Thank you

    Thanks Shamino,

    I realize this must take a ton of work to support all these variations of boards / cpu / memory types.

    I tried this latest BIOS however unfortunately I still can't get the:
  5. DDR5 Can't run at full speed

    Specifically, I have 2 sticks of:

    Crucial by Micron
    CT16G48C40U6.M8A1 16GB DDR5-4800 UDIMM 1.1V CL40

    Which IS on the QVL memory list for the board so it should be officially supported....
  6. same issue!

    Same issue, I'm using Crucial 16GB sticks of DDR-4800mhz and I can't get past 4400mhz when I use 2 sticks.
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