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    Aura Sync won't launch with Asus Terminal

    I just bought an Asus Terminal and I installed it into my system. However, as soon as I installed it my Aura would not launch. Scavenging a bunch of threads, it lead me to restore my windows before...
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    Sticky: Aura Sync won't launch when Asus Terminal plugged in

    If anyone can solve this issue it would be greatly appreciated. My mobo is x470-F and I have 6 Deepcool CF120 fans. Aura Sync has always worked, however I just bought the Asus Terminal and when its...
  3. Can I use TWO Asus Terminal in one system?

    Hello, I have x470-F mobo which only has one 3 pin ADD-RGB header which supports up top 60 LEDs, however I have 6 fans that have 12 LEDs each along with other strips within the case. So an Asus...
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