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    Xonar AE 5.1 issues

    Hello my friends.

    I had some problems with the onboard Realtek sound card, which gives cracks and sometimes delays on clips. So, I bought an Asus Xonar AE card hoping my problems will disappear....
  2. Well, I give up.. I tried everything MoKiChU has...

    Well, I give up..
    I tried everything MoKiChU has said, clean install, MSI enabled, system is on high performance and all the other drivers and BIOS up to date. Everything is fine for a few hours...
  3. Crackling sound

    Hello my friends.

    I need your help because I'm struggling for a few months, after the 20H2 update and still can't figure it out. I have a Prime B350-Plus MB, with Realtek ALC887/897 and a 5.1...
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