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  1. Sadly I think you are probably right. Albeit I...

    Sadly I think you are probably right. Albeit I don't understand why they don't. I doubt it would be that hard to implement in Armoury Crate 2/Aura Creator since they have already done it with the...
  2. I also wish the ROG Terminal worked properly in...

    I also wish the ROG Terminal worked properly in Armoury Crate/Aura Creator. Last time I tried Armoury Crate it could see the terminal but could not individually control each header on it. I assume...
  3. AURA Terminal and Armoury Crate II/Aura Creator

    Does anyone know of a way to control the AURA terminal using either Armoury Crate II or (preferrably) AURA Creator? When I go into Armoury Crate II it recognizes the terminal but can't control the...
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    Sticky: AURA Terminal Support

    Please add support for the ASUS Aura Terminal to Armoury Crate II and Aura Creator. Currently the terminal shows up in Armoury Crate II but you cannot control each addressable header individually. In...
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    2.5GbE slower than my 1GbE port?

    Hi, I have the Crosshair VIII Hero motherboard. How come when I do tests on sites like speedtest it shows that my 2.5GbE port gets only around 400Mbps download speed meanwhile my 1GbE port gets...
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    Question about Aura Creator

    When using Aura creator with my strix Flare keyboard how can I get the underglow LED strips and the LED around the ROG badge to light up?
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