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  1. Prime x299 edition 30 BIOS 1004 issues

    Since I updated to BIOS v.1004 on my Prime X299 Edition 30 i have had some weird USB issues

    Windows 10 Pro For Workstations 21H1 19043.1055
    intel 10980XE
    96gb of Trident Z 3200
    Windows drive...
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    problem is all the installers download latest files during install, i have installers all the way back to original armory crate but for some time now they all download whatever is latest files
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    me to

    I also have this issue, thought at first it was because I upgraded to Windows 10 20H2 but i restored my 2004 backup image and when AC updated i got the same result nothing detected

    I've spent many...
  4. What version of the 'Aura RGB lighting control...

    What version of the 'Aura RGB lighting control for graphics cards' lighting software have you installed? (Current version is 1-2-2020)

    I have uninstalled the old Aura software (except for...
  5. Finally!!! 19.8.1 has restored Aura graphics...

    Finally!!! 19.8.1 has restored Aura graphics funtionality
  6. We’ve had it wrong all this time you’re not a...

    We’ve had it wrong all this time you’re not a humpback, that’s just a high density clot of sarcasm, maybe you should see Dr. Pimple Popper about that as well as therapy sessions with Dr. Phil to help...
  7. Try Older AMD Driver

    Ive got an issue with Aura as well, AMD Driver 19.6.3 seems to be the last version that Aura works on with graphics cards
    Drivers 19.7.1,19.7.2 and 19.7.3 all seem to Bork Aura
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