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  1. GX501 Bios issue - Phantomized and logged in as User

    Dear all, when going in the Bios i have noticed that some settings are phantomized and realized in the first page that i am logged in as a User and not Admin.

    I never set a password for the Admin...
  2. Asus GX501 - Thundebolt / Docking Station / GSync

    Dear all, just purchased an ASUS GX501 and an ALIENWARE 34 CURVED AW3418DW and realized that to use G-YSNC i need to connect it through the ThunderBolt 3/Display Port.

    I also wanted to buy a good...
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    Sticky: Hello everyone from a big Asus Fan

    Dear all, I have been building and recommending Asus motherboards for quite some time.

    Just took the plunge and bought an Asus GX501 Laptop

    Wish you all the best for 2019
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