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  1. all seems ok

    fan on overboost

    just had 4 hours on arma 3 exile with no problems
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    GL703GS bios 308 just now 16th feb 2019

    i bought my laptop last week and windows did a firmware/ bios update and today Windows 10 just updated my bios to 308 although they call it ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. - Firmware - 12/27/2018 12>00>00 AM -...
  3. STRIX GL703GS I had a few BSOD's but i think i fixed them and need more info

    I got my laptop last week and the first thing i did was update all windows 10 updates and then uninstall Mcafee (ok i did it via programs and install in win 10)

    I put steam on my laptop and then...
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