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  1. How the Hell you get GUIs for Laptop Software? Like Intel Rapid Start Technology etc.


    with my new Scar II, I completely whiped it, to get rid of the most ASUS stuff, sadly after I wanted to download drivers, I noticed you only get some "Strange" Drivers. On a normal Windows...
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    SCAR II Overheat Problem =/


    so I am a happy owner of a SCAR II, since reviews are all positive and people report ~ 80 Degree Temperatures for it, sadly my SCAR is always reaching 100 Degree, undervolting is a No-No,...
  3. I RMAed on Amazon, hope I get my money back. New...

    I RMAed on Amazon, hope I get my money back. New Board working fine.
  4. Yep. Even with disabled it shows 1.092 V some...

    Yep. Even with disabled it shows 1.092 V some rare cases it shows 1.110 V

    What I got now: XMP disabled. RAM on 2800 MHZ Voltage on 1.35 and Timings as on Case only the First 3 changed to 16:18:36...
  5. What I mean is: ...

    What I mean is:

    This is not in save Mode. It just ignore the settings and this might be the reason the RAM Not Work

    The other 2 values...
  6. DRAM Voltage stays on 1.092V no matter what I change in Bios!


    So I got the XI Board and using this RAM
  7. Sonic Stuido 3 gone? (Version Hero X Maximus Wi-Fi

    Hey guys,

    I just saw the new Audio Driver from earlier this year, and I noticed there is no Sonic Studio 3 inside? Is it gone? I saw there is now a UWP, but I not see any App installed.

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