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    Asus AX11000 Dual WAN question

    Can anyone tell me how I utilise a spare LAN port for a secondary WAN please? I have found plenty of documentation and web articles stating Dual Wan is supported and I can use one of the spare ports...
  2. Hi, and thanks for replying. I have a Ax11000...

    Hi, and thanks for replying.

    I have a Ax11000 with 3 separate SSID's. 1 x 2.4 and 2 x 5.0Ghz.

    I was wondering how the Bands would be distributed if I was to use an AX-86U Dual Band?

  3. Joining Dual Band Router to Tri Band Mesh

    Hi there looking for some advice please?

    If I have tri-Band Router with 3 separate SSID's, how will a Dual-Band router distribute those SSID's in a mesh configuration?

    Will both 5Ghz and 6Ghz...
  4. Help, assistance and advice on new Router /WiFi Mesh

    Hi Everyone, new to the forums and wanted some advice and opinions on my latest Home project?

    I have just purchased a new Asus GT-AX11000 Router for my new Fibre Gigabit Internet service for my...
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