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  1. Thanks for this. It worked perfectly. Indeed bad...

    Thanks for this. It worked perfectly. Indeed bad installation commands and coding from the developers. ASUS needs to up their support game because all my devices from Motherboard, Screens, Graphics...
  2. Flashing lights

    I am having the same issue. Brand new rog strix 3070 ti OC 8gb is working fine but it is the second time that the 3 red lights over the power cable ports are flashing.
    I noticed that it happened...
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    I am not familiar yet with the CCX method. The...

    I am not familiar yet with the CCX method. The auto overclock I did with AMD Overdrive wasn't that great. It got some cores working at 4.7 and 4.8 but the performance when doing rendering was very...
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    Error Code or not? Voltage max?

    I have overclocked the CPU to all cores at 4.3 GHz Stable and the voltage is set with offset to 1.288 in the BIOS. The Hardware info is giving me sometimes
    1.3 Volts. The Ram is running at 3600 MHz....
  5. Thread: Debug code OC

    by 8eofilos

    0C code on motherboard

    My System is:
    Rog Strix X570 E Gaming
    CPU 3900X
    64 GB DDR4 3600 MHz GSkill Ripjaws RGB
    Samsung 1TB M.2 NVMe 970 EVO Plus
    Gigabyte 1080 Ti 4GB OC Winforge
    2 X 850EVO SSD 500 GB
    1 X Seagate...
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