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  1. How to Install Windows 10 on an ASUS ROG RAIDR SSD (120gb or 240gb) - Tutorial

    Hi ROG forum,
    My company acquired all the remaining ASUS RAIDR 240GB SSDs from Asus directly earlier this year and as we've been selling them we did experience a large amount of customers saying...
  2. While there will most definitely not be a windows...

    While there will most definitely not be a windows 10 version of the driver, there has been a lot of information out on the net saying that this drive WILL NOT work with windows 10. That information...
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    Sticky: Success! ASUS RAIDR EXPRESS working with Windows 10!

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. I came here to let everyone know that I have successfully been able to get the ASUS RAIDR EXPRESS SSD working properly with windows 10 installations.
    My company...
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