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    3900x and bdie ram issues

    Hey guys I've been having some issues with my ram and was looking for some suggestions.

    Crosshair VII Hero Wifi BIOS 3004
    Team Group Dark Pro 16GB (8x2) 3200mhz 14-14-14-31 CL14...
  2. Thanks guys, yeah I tried killing icue but it...

    Thanks guys, yeah I tried killing icue but it still wasnt sleeping so I just killed every single app I could find running in the background and then some of the cores started sleeping. Usually only...
  3. Ryzen Master

    Ryzen Master
  4. Issues with C7H bios 3004 patch B

    So I have a 3900x paired with the C7H board and since I updated to the latest bios, now my cores never go to sleep unless I revert back to the previous version. I made sure to update windows and also...
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