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    the same happen to me upgrading to the last bios...

    the same happen to me upgrading to the last bios .( two drives from my raid 10 volume were faulty so all datas were lost).
  2. i 've updated directly to 2002. Yes raid revert...

    i 've updated directly to 2002.
    Yes raid revert to ahci.
    i've set to raid again but 2 drives still disconnected again.
    the only solution was to built a new raid volume deleting the previous one....
  3. !1 WARNING !! Raid failure after 2xxx bios upgrade ( backup your datas)

    Yesterday i've upgraded my bios to 2xxx.cap.
    My system was configured as Raid 10, and unfortunately i've forgotten to backup my datas.
    The result...
    Raid failed and all datas were lost ( 3 drives...
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    no the fan is off

    no the fan is off
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    R4E pch fan doesn't turn

    Hi, someone have a solution ?
    On my R4E ( sli mode) pcm Fan doesn't turn.
    I've tried to set all options also disable pwm fan controll but nothing.
    pch temp is 43C.

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    pch fan stops turning

    i've purchased on dec 2011 R4E and configured in sli mode.
    pch fan doesn't turn with every pchfan controll settings.
    temp is about 40C
    comeone can explain this ?
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    pch fan wont turn

    I'm very confused about this fan.
    Before upgrading bios ( prior 1100 release) it work fine.
    Now it wont turn.
    I've selected all pch fan modes but nothing.
    ( my double cpu fans Noctua nd14 lga...
  8. fans won't turn

    i've downgraded from 1100 to 1005, nothing change about fan rotation ( cpu fan and pch fan), then fron 1005 to 904 ( and irog1 is correctly flashed) but nothing change again about fans.
    with q-fan...
  9. rampage IV extreme severe and multiple faults with bios

    hi, i'me new and i'm from italy.
    yesterday i've upgraded from bios 1005 to 1010 and severe faults appears.

    1 cpu fan and opt fan (i've a noctua nd14 dual cpu cooler pwm) stops with q-fan enabled...
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