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  1. set pcie to 2.0

    set pcie to 2.0
  2. Any solutions????

    Any solutions????
  3. Yes i know but this not operate with AMD graphic...

    Yes i know but this not operate with AMD graphic card only Nvidia , i have PCI 3.0 x 16 enabled in Windows but with 3d mark 11 and some games stop processing and return to Windows with drivers error
  4. nothing have my problem!?????

    nothing have my problem!?????
  5. Replies

    The bios is here...

    The bios is here not removed
  6. Rampage IV Black Edition and Asus 290x DCU II with Gen 3 settings

    Hallo i have a serious problem with my Rampage IV Black edtion and my asus 290x DCU II , when i setting pci-e 3.0 x16 the video card crash in 3d mark 11 if i setting pci-e 2.0 x16 the vga is rock...
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